Religious Education

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The purpose of the Religious Education Program is to guide our children and youth in:
  • Nurturing the individual spirit within our loving community
  • Understanding that we are part of Unitarian Universalist heritage; past, present and future
  • Cultivating curiosity about, appreciation for, and engagement with, all faith traditions
  • Developing a lifelong practice of service
  • Encouraging mindfulness and a sense of wonder  
The next season’s RE Program will look very different from RE Programs of the past.

As a reopening platform, it will focus on having fUUn, coming together in community, and developing nurturing relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with the world at large. To have RE  EMERGE from the sidelines of the congregation, DEEPEN our youth’s involvement within the ministry areas, and TRANSFORM the RE Program’s relationship with the whole congregation.  As we reopen we will imagine, discover and build the RE Program for the future – and create together the most meaningful  sustainable program for growing young UUs.

Young Souls

Young Souls

Religious education for children Kindergarten thru Grade 5.

Wise Peers

Wise Peers

Religious Education for children in Grades 6 thru 9.

Bright Beings

Bright Beings

Religious Education for our Senior Youth.

Harvest the Power

Harvest the Power

Discover where your heart is called to serve in our congregation.

Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education

Religious education isn't only for kids! Our adult members engage in a wide variety of religious education opportunities.

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