Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education occurs throughout the year. Specific programs are advertised in our weekly email blast (email us to join our mailing list.)

Here is our Annual plan for Adult Education. To engage with any of these offerings contact Rev. Scott at
  • Early Fall – Great Works – a class that dives deeply into a classic work with contemporary resonance.
  • Late Fall – UU Theology – a class that serves to orient newcomers and help long time Unitarian Universalists engage more deeply with our tradition.
  • Early Winter – Spiritual Practice or Institutional Development – a single session opportunity.
  • Early Spring – Bible Study and theology – an opportunity to engage classic texts in liberatory manners.
  • Late Spring – Leadership Training – an offering for leaders to connect with one another and develop new skills.

Learn Card Games 

Meeting once monthly on 1st Wednesdays in the Peierls Room at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair.

High school Youth through folks from the “Greatest Generation” are welcome and encouraged to enroll.

Led by Lee Wilson, a card game champion and proponent!

We will learn some great games while learning a bit more about what it takes to have fun.