Pledge 2024-2025

Our First ‘Sustaining Pledges’

This year, the Pledge Drive Team has designed a new way to secure annual pledges. We are carrying out the Board’s directive to have all members sustain our congregation by becoming “sustaining members”. This means that if you have already made an annual commitment for this year, we are rolling that pledge over for next year, adding a 3% cost of living increase.

No pledge cards are needed! You’re all set! If you made a pledge last year, you simply do nothing! Unless we hear from you otherwise, your pledge will be continued for this year plus a 3% cost of living increase.

Of course, if you can increase your pledge beyond 3%, it will be gratefully accepted! At any time during the year, please contact the Pledge Team or our Administrator Jordan Williams to make any changes to your pledge. The Pledge Team would love to hear from you to share ideas for better ways to serve you. With this year’s simplified Pledge Drive, the Team can then focus on inviting new people into Pledging.

Please contact us if you have not yet pledged or are a new member who has NEVER pledged, and we can share ways to help fund our mission. All of your gifts are welcome.

We are very excited to share this inspiring video ( produced by UUCM member David Beckman Gaynes which spotlights several members explaining their journeys and the reasons they want to sustain UUCM. David and Jerry have set up a Testimonial Booth for ALL members to share their testimonials on video! This booth is located in the former ‘Ministers Study’ next to the Chancel. Please share what you love about our beloved community of the UUCM. This is a wonderful opportunity to let everyone (visitors, new and long-term members) hear YOUR STORY.

We are here to listen to you; please share your story with us!

Help Us with Our Pledge Drive

75% of our annual budget comes from commitments made by our members– 80% of which are staffing costs. A Giving Commitment for the year (submit your commitment by March 31, please) make planning possible; we build our budget and what we can accomplish in 2024-25 based on what our members have committed to give for that year. Commitments in the past have ranged from $200 to more than $20,000 a year; $1,500 is the median amount that has been committed.

The suggested annual commitment in the UU community is 2-4% of after-tax income. Please consider becoming a sustaining member by providing your bank or credit card information on Realm for year-to-year continuity. Thank you for your commitment to our congregation. May we look forward to an exciting year 2024-25.

Our 2024-25 pledge goal is $525,000*. This funding will support:

● Stabilize our finances. No more deficits.
● Pay staff closer to UUA fair compensation standards.
● Honor our founders by growing our children’s religious education program.
● Support essential programming, including social justice ministries and community-building events.
● Continue to steward our historic building and grounds.


Manage Your Giving on Realm