Pledge Your Support

Emerge, Deepen & Transform

Question for you: Have you ever purchased something at a fundraiser or pledged? Taught RE, helped another congregant into the building, made posters for a protest, helped out with MESH?

Well then, you have contributed to the long-term well-being of UUCM and the day-to-day continuity of the things we cherish most.

Thank you for being a steward of our congregation.

Since Fletcher Hall was rebuilt in 1920, many performances, parties, fundraisers, classes, meetings, and hangout sessions have taken place there. Were it not for the decision to raise money during a pandemic, Fletcher Hall would not exist.

Stewardship is about more than our physical space. It’s about people, especially our UUCM employees. So far, we’ve avoided furloughs and layoffs, while trying to pay fairly. Unfortunately, if we don’t succeed with our pledge drive, we may have to cut hours or even eliminate positions.

Stewardship is the practice of paying for today and building for tomorrow. And thus, one of the deepest spiritual practices for us as UUs is the giving of time, talent, and treasure in support of our most deeply held values and our cherished staff.

Our 2022-23 pledge goal is $525,000. This funding will support:

  • Continuing to fairly compensate and secure the employment of our ministers and staff in the face of Covid;
  • Continued improvement of our multiplatform capabilities;
  • Stewardship of our beautiful 115-year old Sanctuary;
  • Social activism and antiracist education;
  • A strong RE program for our youth

Help us Emerge, Deepen & Transform

75% of our annual budget comes from pledge commitments– 80% of which are staffing costs

Pledges make planning possible, which is especially important as we plan safely returning to the building.

UUCM pledges range from $200 to more than $20,000 a year; $2,600 is the average pledge amount. The suggested annual pledge in the UU community is 3% of pre-tax income. Please consider becoming a sustaining member by providing your bank or credit card information on Realm for year-to-year continuity. This year is different in another way: no auction! Please consider adding to your pledge some portion of what you would have spent.

Thank you for helping us build the congregation of the next century.


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