What is Realm?

Let's get connected on Realm!

UU Congregation at Montclair uses Realm, a web-based church management system, to support our staff and enable better communications for the church community. Not only has this improved the work life for our staff, it makes it easier for our members to connect with each other, keep up with what’s going on, and grow as a connected community.

Connect with us from anywhere!

Favorite Features

Realm offers our community some really terrific tools to connect with each other, to communicate with small group ministries, learn about upcoming events and more! Learn more about getting started with Realm with the information below.


Groups and classes are an important part of our congregational life. Keep track of upcoming meetings, action items, and conversation.


Realm events help us manage RSVPs, registrations and payments, and volunteer assignments.


View the online directory to get contact information and to put names with faces.

We think you are going to love how easy Realm and the Connect app are to use and how these tools can help you stay connected to your UUCM family, even when we can’t be together.  Other great features include:

  • Private Messaging – Contact a person one-on-one.
  • Registration Events – These events allow for forms and payments related to events.
  • Pathways – Create processes to track visitor follow-up, new members, or volunteer training. Realm lets you define and oversee the steps, activities, and outcomes of any process.
  • Dashboards and Reports – Leadership can use data to help make decisions.