Creative Edge
Students will learn how to frame concepts like dignity, justice, and compassion and to capture and convey powerful messages through creative projects using various media – Poetry, Spoken Word, Music, Painting, drawing, photography, fabric arts, etc. Creative Edge also engages with the wider UUCM congregation by inviting our creative congregants to share their special creative talents with the kids. Our multi-age learning environment encourages multi-age peer support and mentoring.

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Ellie Bagli

“I watched today’s Coming of Age ceremony from home this morning. What a beautiful and inspirational occasion! The young coming of agers were so impressive, such deep thinkers and honest presenters. What great work you, Religious Education and the congregation have done to help put them on their paths to adulthood. Thank you!”

Ghana Hylton

THANK YOU Judith Hogan, Jerry Fried, Wayne Eastman, Giancarlo Ponticello, Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael, Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael, Juliana Carr Lombardo, Markus Hauck, Nicole Gray, mentors and everyone else who guided the COA youth towards todays moment in time. What. A. Day!! If your family is not already involved in Religious Education at Unitarian Universalist Congregation At Montclair? Change that asap!!!