Harvest the Power Leadership Development

UUCM believes that as a lay-lead institution, it essential for us to educate and support our members who move into positions of activism and leadership. The Harvest the Power  Program, designed by the UUA and UUCM, is a 6-month training program that over 100 of our members have taken. Each month different topics are tackled in 3-hour sessions. These range from: Discovering Your Leadership Style, How to be an Inclusive Leader, Focus on What’s Important, Caring for Ourselves as Leaders, Building & Fostering Integrity. In addition to the above skills, there is also a broad introduction to the Congregation which includes: how it is organized and functions, how religious education is designed, different ways to support spiritualty. The 10-12 members also attend one retreat as part of the program early on, to build a strong group together that will be helpful not only in their learning but in the years to come as they work in different parts of the Congregation to make it a strong and loving community.

For more information contact Dan Silver.