News from Your Board of Trustees – October 2016

The congregation is fielding tremendous change right now.  Seeking a new minister, we’re sizing up who we are and what we want.  At the same time, we’re anticipating Rev. Judy Tomlinson’s farewell.  Her departure will dictate big additional changes in the congregation and the way we serve our people.

The Board of Trustees feels great about this transformation.  Why?  Because it gives us a clean sheet of paper – the opportunity to build the strengths we’ve long wished we possessed.

To that end, we’ve been aggressive in gaining your point of view.  What would make 67 Church Street ideal?  How should we alter our practices and priorities?  What should we make sure we don’t change?

A slew of congregation leaders have orchestrated meetings and workshops asking each of you to examine your feelings about the congregation we’re becoming.  That’s what we need to know! Then too, a survey probed your reaction to dozens of questions.  About half of you completed the questionnaire – thank you!  Those responses give us additional guidance as we begin thinking about prospective new ministers — and the other key people we’ll be bringing on as leaders.

Our work has involved some internal soul-searching.  What kind of Board would best serve the new congregation?  A team entrusted to enact the congregation’s stated priorities?  Or true agents of change, advising the congregation on ways to become more supportive of its members?

We all have a lot of work to.  Then again, the whole congregation does.  We recently mapped out a very schematic organizational chart, doing our best to understand who does what, and under whose supervision.  As Rev. Justin Osterman says, you can’t know what you need until you know what you’ve already got.

So we’ve begun wrapping our arms around change.  Do we have a long way to go?  You bet.  But we’re confident in our process, and even more so, in our people.

Sheila Eby
Secretary, Board of Trustees