Allies for Racial Equity

We are all called to take bold steps to undo white supremacy in our faith communities.

Allies for Racial Equity disrupts oppression, uproots white supremacy, and plants seeds of justice. This is a ministry of faith which leads all who participate to spiritual growth and wholeness. We honor each other’s humanity and capacity for growth by offering ourselves and each other grace and accountability.

With ongoing upheavals in Unitarian Universalism, many of us have answered the call to dismantle white supremacy in our Faith. More and more, specific, directed  support for white UUs engaged in racial justice efforts has become critical to carrying the work forward. We often feel isolated, disheartened, and under assault; being in supportive community is a necessary act of self care, sometimes even self preservation.

Allies for Racial Equity at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair was formed at the recommendation and request of Rev. Ali K.C. Bell as a part of their Focused Initiative at Meadville Lombard. Our group first met in June, 2020.

Since its formation, ARE has had topical discussions and movie viewings that addressed white privilege, white supremacy, microaggressions and bystander interventions. We also strive to incorporate content to facilitate a deeper understanding of the various BIPOC communities and cultures to increase sensitivity, awareness and appreciation.

Allies for Racial Equity at UUCM meets every 2nd Tuesday at 7:30pm.

ARE’s Mission

We are building an antiracist movement of white Unitarian Universalists working to:

  • Understand whiteness and privilege;
  • Unlearn and challenge white supremacy; and
  • Confront racism in ways that are accountable to communities of color.