Religious Education Looking Forward – Summer 2015

Writing specifically about religious language and in the quote below about what we offer our children, Jeanne Nieuwejaar wrote a column in the spring 2013 UU World ( echoing my thoughts:

“We do not tell our children what they should believe, but we do them a disservice when we neglect to express to them the heart of our faith. We do them a disservice if we do not help them to develop the tools to explore and to create their own faith. One of the essential tools is effective language.”

At UUCM we strive to consistently provide our children and youth with tools, language and relationships to empower them as they navigate their world on a day-to-day basis.  It is a good deed we do.

The average RE class has a compliment of 4-5 volunteers who rotate Sunday teaching responsibilities.  Each volunteer teaches 15 Sundays during our program year which runs September to June. We provide all the necessary materials. To run the 11:00 AM, K/1st grade class we still need 3 volunteers.  Please tell me if you want to be part of this amazing experience!

If you have not already done so, NOW is the time to register your children for Religious Education. It’s easy!  Just go to or contact the UUCM RE office.

This summer, Culture Camp, is in full swing thanks to our youthful teaching team members, Pam Barnett, Emma Silverman, Erin Silverman, Saija Kagan and Lexie Morrow-Reilly. The last few weeks have been spent on discussions and exercises meant to provide reflection on the culture of Peace.  We have had an average attendance of eight children.  I invite you to join us. We have plenty of room for more attendees from K through 5th grade.

Planning for Fall

Sept 12th  Start up Saturday for RE Leaders
Sept 13th  RE Classes for Pre-K and Nursery
Sept 20th ALL RE Classes begin
Sept 27th New Parent Orientation
Nov. 1st Dia de los Muertos
Nov 6-8th Coming of Age Heritage Trip to Boston

See you Sunday,
Judith A. Stein-Farrall
Religious Education Program Coordinator