Summer Sunday Religious Education

There will be 11 Summer Sessions to explore and expand the concept of “BEAUTY” and how to bring more “BEAUTY” into our lives and the world through our actions and awareness.  One goal is to enable the children to “Think Outside the Box” with regard to processing their thoughts and expressing their feelings.

1st Sunday – June 23: Introductions and gathering concepts, defining “what is Beautiful” to the child in order to develop a larger project to work on throughout the summer sessions.

2nd Sunday – June 30: First real actionable craft day based on the answers and responses that I will get from the Free Association Worksheet on the concept of “BEAUTY.”

3rd Sunday – July 7: “BEAUTY” in Nature.  We will start our first art project by creating a mini diorama of a scene or space in nature.  

4th Sunday – July 14: “BEAUTY” of the Ordinary Object.  We will take an ordinary everyday object like a paper plate, or bowl, etc. and using craft supplies, to make the ordinary object “EXTRODINARY” via personal vision and the creative process.

5th Sunday – July 21: “BEAUTY” in animals.  We will draw, paint, or craft our favorite animals using craft supplies.

6th Sunday – July 28: “BEAUTY” in people (a preferred person or humans in general).  We may work on portraits for this session.

7th Sunday – August 4: “BEAUTY in the World.  Exploring the ways that the individual child sees beauty in the world around them.

8th Sunday – August 11: The “BEAUTY within.  This is a big concept.  It may be express by any number of creative processes.  We will spend a good deal of time discussing, sharing, reinforcing, and supporting each other’s concepts of the Beautiful Self as a group.

9th Sunday – August 18: “BEAUTY” in ART (color) and Choosing “BEAUTY.”  This session will be used working in a singular color of choice.  “What is your favorite color or are your favorite colors?” We will also discuss and choose what will be the final project and begin working on it.

10th Sunday – August 25: Ultimate “BEAUTY.”  Working on the final project, pulling together all the themes, ideas, concepts, and creativity that we explored throughout the summer.

11th Sunday – September 1: Finishing touches, and the final “BEAUTY” project presentation.  Hopefully parents will join us for the final Art Opening Reception.