Religious Education: Looking Forward – April 2017

I have been sailing around the office trying to get everything in shipshape for registration and recruitment. Can you believe that April 2nd is the start? If you registered last year, I have an update form for you. Come join us and see what special treats we have in store for you.  We are looking for volunteers to help be the guiding light for our youth. Will you turn your light on?

The RE Committee would love if you would join us on April 9th in your Blue Jeans, enthusiastic to help beautify our congregation.  We could use volunteers in the garden and indoors. Outdoor volunteers can mulch, plant, or weed dandelions and inside volunteers can help organize either the long hallway closet or the teacher closet or help us catalogue books in either the Mortenson Room, Fletcher Hall, or the teacher closet! Please email me at  saying where you would like to work.

For Your Calendars

4/2 Coming of Age Graduation

4/4 (Tue) RE Committee Meeting

4/9 Blue Jean Sunday

4/16 Easter (No Regular RE Classes, only Nursery), Due date for Kindness Calendars

*** Registration/Recruitment Every Sunday in April!!

See you Sunday,
Iris E .DeLaPaz
Religious Education Program Coordinator