On That Note… – October 2017

From Markus Grae-Hauck, Music Director

At a recent staff meeting, Rev. Anya asked us how we have been coping with the stress of transition – first through the interim period, then with two new senior ministers and another new staff member (in a position that had not previously existed in our congregation). We acknowledged that it was not easy dealing with some of these issues. At the same time, as we talked it became clear that most of us were also experiencing considerable “Eustress,” the kind of positive stimulation that comes from being challenged, but not overwhelmed.

If you have been to a recent Sunday service, you probably detected some significant changes in our worship routine. Maybe you like some of the innovations and are not yet sure about some others. Have you also noticed the vibrant excitement in the room? I hope that you can use this energy to charge your emotional and spiritual batteries and spread the light. Our world sorely needs it.