On That Note… – May 2015

“I suppose there are people to whom music doesn’t matter, but I’ve never met them.”  –Salman Rushdie

This past February, we hosted our second annual Interfaith Choir Festival. On a cold and snowy Saturday afternoon, the adult choir of Christ Church (the church right across the street from UUCM) came to hear us sing, perform some of their songs, and join us in an energetic rendition of a joyful gospel hymn. Thanks to some tireless volunteers, we then had a spirited reception in Fletcher Hall where we mingled and celebrated. It was a wonderful celebration of our commonalities, and possibly the start to a new chapter in our congregations’ relationship.

The real significance of the event was revealed to me recently, when a member from our choir told me that she made a connection with one of the Christ Church singers who happened to be standing next to her. They discovered that they were both working in the science field, and a friendship was born.

Few things in my professional life make me happier than hearing a story about a relationship that was started by music. At our choir retreat in January, many members shared stories of musical experiences that had changed their lives – sometimes in small ways, sometimes big. Friedrich Nietzsche said that without music, life would be a mistake. I don’t know if that’s true, but music certainly makes life richer.

Happy spring!
Markus Grae-Hauck
Music Director