The Board Corner

The other day I was talking to Danielle, our UUCM Administrator:

Sue:        “I love the work you did on the calendar on the website. It looks great! “

Danielle:  “Thanks. I just need people to let me know when things are scheduled, like the auction. Please let me          know when you have a date for it!”

Sue:         (thinking: Huh? She ought to be able to figure it out — it is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Everybody knows that!”) “Umm, I’ll check, but I think it is Nov. 18th. You know it is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving, right?”  

Danielle:   “Really? No, I had no idea!”

And that is the point!  Over the course of the next year, don’t assume that our staff or ministers know how we do things. We have lots of traditions and rituals that we take for granted.  Try to be mindful that we cannot expect everyone to know “we’ve always done it this way!” And be open to doing things differently! This is an exciting time at UUCM. Help make things happen by sharing your knowledge about what was, and being open to what can be!  

Susan Raufer
President, Board of Trustees