The Board Corner

From Matt Silverman on behalf of the Board of Trustees

As we all know, the COVID-19 Pandemic has put a real damper on all UUCM in-person activities.  But as Board member Lauren Carlton wrote in this column last month, “We cannot safely touch physically, but the warmth that is flowing from our congregation spreads a cloud of sunshine.”  Our online services, our active social justice work, and our thriving membership activities are just a few examples of how we have adapted so successfully over the past year.  Not only are we surviving, but we are THRIVING!

Examples of this are everywhere.  Last month, Director of Religious Education Judith Hogan gave the Board a summary of the many Religious Education programs that are actively engaging the young people of this congregation.  She, and the many volunteer leader/teachers are keeping the RE flame burning brightly.  At the same meeting, member Laurice Grae-Hauck gave us a guided tour of the new and improved UUCM website.  Because of heroic volunteer efforts we now have an upgraded online portal that better serves visitors, newcomers, and long-time members. Please click on and see for yourself.

This progress does not happen by accident.  Besides an awesome staff, our committees and teams are effectively organized to help achieve each Ministry’s goals and objectives.  With that in mind, it is time for group leaders to identify new chairs and co-chairs for next year.  Board President Peter Arian will be reaching out to encourage each team to participate in “succession planning,” discussions to ensure that leaders and co-leaders transfer responsibilities smoothly.  Planning leadership transitions are always important but especially as we move from 100% virtual to a more in-person experience.  Please begin these conversations with your respective teams and help next year’s chairs by starting now rather than waiting.

Please know that your time and energy are received with gratitude and love.