The Listening Booth

From Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael, Senior Co-Minister

“Two things awe me most: the starry sky above me, and the moral law within me.”  –Immanuel Kant

December is here. Another year draws to a close and we are cast into the cacophony and bustle of another Xmas holiday season. May you all find ways to take a Sabbath from the demands of family, society, work and commerce.

I, like many of us, look forward to the promise of family and friends gathering to make the holidays special. Deeply fond memories of the holiday season – favorite foods, cherished rituals, and loved ones gathered for feasting – fill many hearts. Yet not everyone looks forward to the holiday season. Many have families who make this time less than restful; others have memories of loss or misbehavior they would rather soon forget. If you fret the holidays as a time of stress or family drama, please make an appointment with the Care Team so we can be present to your concerns.

But no matter how you feel, please join us this December. Here we gather in covenant, a chosen, new family of fellow spiritual seekers and justice doers. So whether you assist our kids in our Holiday Pageant on December 15th, look forward to the Winter Solstice, sing in the choir during Holiday services, help serve meals at MESH, or simply come and enjoy one another’s company amidst the beauty of our service and justice offerings, please make coming to UUCM a priority in this holiday season. Your presence brightens our sacred time and space. It is better here, as always, with you and yours among us.

In Faith, Mystery and Promise,
Rev Scott