UUCM Leader’s Planning Summit 

April 25th, in the Peierls Room 

Dear Leaders, 

This is an important and meaningful opportunity. 

Please attend or appoint someone from your committee/team/group/board/council to attend on your group’s behalf. Every group is strongly encouraged to send one to two attendees. 

Last Spring we held our first Leader’s Gathering, where we built the perpetual calendar for this congregational year. We also did some amazing networking. This Summit will build on that work and will include a few more opportunities based on our current congregational priorities. 

5-6 Realm Training (Optional)

5:30-6 Review of the Proposed Congregational Budget (Optional) 

6-6:30 Break and Pizza Delivery

6:30-7:30 Theme of the Year and Monthly Themes – Conversation/Networking between different groups 

7:30-8:00 Strat Plan: What’s happening and how to engage

8:00-8:45 Reviewing and Updating the Calendar 

In preparation for this summit, please review the perpetual calendar created for this congregational year and send updates and changes for the coming year 2019-20 (for your group’s activities.) Please send these updates and changes to Danielle by April 20th. Please register by clicking here.

Thank you for your incredible dedication to our congregation and our congregation’s mission.