The Pastoral Care Team works in partnership with our ministers in ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of members of the UU Montclair Congregation.

Pastoral Care Team members are available to congregants for confidential pastoral care sessions, providing a compassionate ear and support to those going through personal transitions, emotional challenges and times of crises, as well as giving comfort to the bereaved.

The Pastoral Care Team helps connect UU Montclair members to programs and services offered within the congregation or the wider community when needed, and organizes and facilitates programs and groups to further serve the pastoral care needs of the congregation.

Pastoral Care Team members engage in lifetime learning to deepen their skills and competencies in Pastoral Care. Current members have developed in these areas of expertise among others:
  • Deep Listening
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Foster Care Support
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Homeless Engagement and Care
  • Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Youth Grief Support
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Youth Mental Health Advocacy
Our Pastoral Care Team members are: Chris Budin (in training), Katie Eulette, Dana Moore, Judith Rew, Janette Schiller, Silke Springorum.

Pastoral Care Request

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Official Charge of the Pastoral Care Team

Approved by the Board of Trustees: May 18, 2021

The Pastoral Care Team is a part of the ministry area “Care and Connection.” The Pastoral Care Team provides opportunities for our members, and member families  to experience care and connection, in line with our congregation’s Mission and Vision. 


The purpose of the Pastoral Care Team is to support the ministry of pastoral care, led by the Ministers, by engaging directly with members and member families of the congregation in pastoral manners, and by developing or connecting people to programs and/or groups that serve the pastoral needs of the congregation. 


The Pastoral Care Team envisions 

  • Accessible, appropriate, and bounded pastoral care that can serve every member and family of the congregation. 
  • A congregation that understands pastoral care as something that competent lay leaders can provide.
  • A Pastoral Care Team enriched by its service to the congregation and upheld by bonds of mutual support, respect, and care. 


Pastoral Care Team Coordinator(s): 

  • Guide, in relationship with the Ministers, the Pastoral Care Team: 
    • Set and see that team meetings are led. 
    • Encourage deliberative team discussions that shape the Pastoral Care ministry offered to the congregation
    • Encourage continuing education for Pastoral Care Team members 
    • Ensure that the team members have adequate resources and support
    • Ensure that records of the pastoral care provided and needed are kept
    • Report to the Board of Trustees when requested

Pastoral Care Team Logistics Coordinator(s): 

  • Manage communication to  ensure coverage for: 
    • Sharing remembrances and the prayer when guest or lay leaders offer worship
    • Ensure coordination with the Live Stream Monitor(s) to discover pastoral care needs dropped into the worship chat
    • A table at Welcome Fest
    • Seeing that an ample resource list is maintained and available

Pastoral Care Providers(s): 

  • Provide pastoral care that is accessible, appropriate and bounded by: 
    • Attending Pastoral Care Team meetings and reflecting on the needs within the congregation
    • Ensure confidentiality while maintaining appropriate transparency with the Pastoral Care Team so that sustainable care can be provided
    • Engage pastoral care conversations with individuals, as determined in consultation with the Senior Co-Minister and/or the Pastoral Care Team
    • Discerning needs within the congregation, creating and/or facilitating events or groups that provide a pastoral space for connection and care
    • Engaging in continuing education
    • Participating in the training of new Pastoral Care Team members