Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman

Minister Emeritus

Rev. Charlie lights the chalice during his final service in 2015.

Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman had the “great fortune of falling in with the wrong crowd at an early age. In the end, it has opened up all kinds of wonderful possibilities for a life that I’m so very grateful for.” Alternative service as a Conscientious Objector during the Viet Nam War led Rev. Charlie into a career in Social Work for many years. Being a child of the
50s and 60s opened him up to communication through music and a two-decade career in that field, which literally took him all around the world. Meeting, marrying, and living with Judy Blustein Ortman for the past 40 years has provided a partnership that has been central to his life and ministry. Being an at home father during the early years of their three children’s lives was perhaps his most precious career. Although he must say that now, being the grandparent of four beautiful children rivals his position as father for being most precious!

After graduating from Meadville Lombard Theological School at the University of Chicago, Rev. Ortman was ordained to the UU ministry in 1992. He was elected and served on the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees, and over the years has served congregations in Burlington, Iowa, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and Montclair, NJ. In Montclair, he had the great privilege of serving for 20 years and “retired” as Minister Emeritus in 2015. Rev. Charlie then served two years as Interim Minister at First Unitarian Church, Providence RI and then served as the Minister for Immigration and Sanctuary for the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. His ministry and life have been a constant journey through and an exploration of experiences of awe, gratitude, and service.

Every Kind of Flower

Every Kind of Flower

June 11, 2023

“Every Kind of Flower” — led by the Rev. Charlie Ortman, emeritus. On this very special Flower Communion, Pride service we will be graced by Minister Emeritus Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman's presence and the testimony of our LGBTQIA Justice group Out Front as well as a bouquet of tremendous proportions from which we will all draw. This Flower Communion will be rich with music and opportunities for delight!

When the Rainbow is Enough

When the Rainbow is Enough

November 15, 2020

Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman is Minister Emeritus of our congregation, having retired in 2015 after twenty years of settled ministry....

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