Here’s a great way to get to know the friendly faces walking through the door Sunday mornings: be a Greeter!

Greeters provide an inviting, pleasant and welcoming experience for all who come through the Congregation doors on Sunday morning.  It is our intent to give a warm greeting to all members, frequent guests or first time patrons.  The UU Greeters are also knowledgeable of the locations of classes, certain mainstream events and to provide directions as needed.

The Theme for this congregational year – a theme affirmed by our congregation’s leadership is “Connection.” Connections begin at UUCM as soon as a seeker or a long time member enters our doors. Those first moments of a Sunday morning visit are instrumental – if they are positive, a lasting connection may grow.

David Hanley has been working hard to maintain and grow our greeter program for years. Perhaps this year’s theme will inspire our warmest and most welcoming souls to take on the responsibility of greeting for one service one time a month.  That’s all! Just agree to greet for one service one time a month. If we find 16 souls willing to make that commitment and 4 more willing to serve as alternates, we will accomplish our goal! We will have a Greeter Team and we will serve our visitors well. 

There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex.  You can sign for as few or as many Sundays as you like.  It is only 1 ½ hours of your time (15 mins before and after service).