Connection Cafe

As of March 2020, we will be holding Connection Cafe on Sundays at 11:00AM via Zoom video conferencing. Once the COVID-19 health crisis is behind us, we will go back to our regular Connection Cafe; details are below. 

Join on Zoom: 
Phone # +1 646 876 9923   / ID: 518 132 538

Connection Café is our weekly gathering held between services in Fletcher Hall. 

Each Sunday, a different group or committee will be our Connection Café host. We have a  SignUp Genius page which lists our upcoming hosts.  By scheduling hosts this way, all of our groups have an opportunity to use Connection Café to popularize their activities, and all of us share the responsibility as equally as possible.  If you are a part of these groups and need to swap a date or need financial reimbursement, please contact Nicole Gray. 

Easy to follow instructions for set-up, coffee making, clean-up and running the sanitizer are all posted in the kitchen to make your Connection Café volunteer experience comfortable.

Feel free to contact Nicole Gray, John Lytle or Carol McGough via email If you have any questions.

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Tables for Groups at Connection Cafe
If your group plans to engage with the congregation by setting up at a table at Connection Cafe, here are four easy things to remember
1. The tables are first come first serve. Arrive early and claim your table. There are sign up sheets in the kitchen. Please do not move the tables after they are set up. 
2. Find table signs for all of our groups and committees in the kitchen, adjacent to Fletcher Hall. Look on the Connection Cafe shelves in the corner. Find your sign and place it in a plastic sign holder. Then put your sign on a table. 
3. And please share your table with at least one other group – it’s fun, and saves space! 
4. When you finish, return your sign to the Connection Cafes shelves in the corner of the kitchen. 
Enjoy connecting with our beautiful congregation!