News from the Board – December 2017

The board is pleased to announce the formation of the Social Justice Coalition, a new committee at UUCM. This new initiative, which replaces the Peace and Justice Coalition, emerged from a series of conversations among active participants from the Green Sanctuary Committee, Rainbow UU, the UUCM “chapter” of the UU legislative Ministry, and the Undoing Racism Committee.

The committee’s goals are big and bold, which means organization is key. And the new SJC has been doing their homework on organizing for change. They have a clear structure — it’s documented! — detailing their organization and how they will function. They are progressing deliberately and keeping the congregation informed along the way.

This is exactly the kind of intentional and well-thought-out change our congregation is striving for. To help facilitate these changes moving forward, the board has developed a proposal document. It is a series of questions to help future groups articulate their structure, goals and how the new group fits into the mission and vision of the UUCM.

We can’t wait to see your amazing ideas for innovation!