Our Sharing Our Riches Program and MESH

The Sharing Our Riches program is funded through our weekly plate collection.  Twenty percent of the plate is allocated to the recipient organization. When making donations to the Sharing Our Riches program please note the following change:  If you would like to make a donation that goes entirely to the recipient organization, please make your check out to that organization.  We are happy to forward your check along with the UUCM donation.  These donations will not show on your yearly giving statement.  Your check to UUCM with “plate” in the memo line ensures that 20% of that check will be going to the Sharing Our Riches recipient.  These “plate” donations will be shown on your yearly giving statement.
With regard to UUCM MESH donations, please make your check out to UUCM and put MESH in the memo line.  These donations will be reflected in your yearly giving statement.  If you make your check out to MESH, it will be forwarded to the parent organization.