Info on UUCM and Orange UU Congregation Merger Meetings from President Teresa DeSousa

As you know, the leadership of the Montclair and Orange congregations have been engaged in preliminary discussions regarding a possible merger between the two congregations.  We are at a point where we want to engage the congregation in discussion.  We have been working on a Statement of Intent (SOI), which will lay out the process as we move forward towards a possible merger, and which the congregation will vote on at a congregational meeting scheduled for February 2, 2014.  I hope to get the SOI within the next week to ten (10) days, and we will circulate it to the congregation, both by email and by posting it on our website.  We will schedule discussions groups December 29th (which is before Charlie leaves for sabbatical), January 5, January 12 and January 19.   We invite you all to bring your thoughts, questions and concerns.  The first discussion will be held Sunday, December 29th, after the 10:00 AM service in the Peierls Room.