Generation to Generation – December 2012

Markus Hauck

Markus Hauck joined our congregation this fall as Music Director. The response from the congregation was immediate. The choir has many new faces, reflecting the pleasure with which their offerings are received and the joy with which they are shared. Many of Markus’ offerings are original works and the congregation appreciatively sits to hear the postlude before leaving for our busy days.

Markus was born and raised in Germany, coming to the US as an exchange student in high school. His lessons in music, beginning with his father, were intensely focused on classical piano. As a teenager in Germany he started playing in rock bands and continued his rebellion in the US by joining a jazz band, playing the electric bass. He studied jazz at Berklee College of Music receiving his B.M. degree in Professional Music and his M.M. degree in Choral Conducting, Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory.

Markus’ move to the US saw another change in his life. Having been raised as a Catholic he began to feel many dissonances, his word, with his own beliefs. Not unlike many of his age he began to explore a variety of religious beliefs including eastern, new age and other forms of Christianity. Having found Unitarian Universalism, he has been able, for the past seven years, to work as pianist and music director in several UU congregations joining his love of music and religious beliefs. Another venue in which Markus can be found is musical theater. Most recently several of us had the pleasure of seeing “Next to Normal,” with Markus as the music director for the 4th Wall Theatre. I won’t attempt to list all his credits, as according to an online bio “He has accompanied and/or conducted over 50 productions in musical theater, opera, jazz, pop, and more.”

This is only the beginning of the many gifts Markus Hauck has to share with our congregation.

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Arlene Marin

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