Pre-Holiday Fair Trade Show and Sale

Our 11th annual Pre-Holiday Fair Trade Show and Sale will be held on Sunday, December 16thfrom 10:00 AM-1PM in Fletcher Hall.  This year, we will feature goods from the returning Rain Lily and Women Helping Women.  Enjoy the wonderful assortment of fair trade jewelry, scarves and much more from Asian, Indian , Guatemalan and Ecuadorian fair trade artisans. Your purchases help to improve the lives of women engaged in these handicrafts and the lives of their families. Katie Mahoney, owner of Rain Lily, and Gayle Jones, a fellow UU from Plainfield and one of the founders of Women Helping Women, will donate a generous percentage of their sales to our UUCM. Rain Lily and Women Helping Women support our Auction fundraiser, too, with their donated goods for a beautiful Fair Trade Basket! Visit to preview some of the items or contact Francesca Elms for more information.