Grief Support Group

A Grief Support Group is Forming

Grieving the loss of loved ones or others who were important to you can be a lonely experience.  People often do not know what to say to a grieving person; so they may say nothing which increases a sense of being alone; or may behave awkwardly increasing your sense of distance.

The Congregation is forming a group for those grieving a loss.  It is hoped that such a group will provide some comfort and combat the sense of loneliness in some small way. The group is intended to provide a supportive and confidential environment that will allow its members to share their experiences with others around their loss.  The group will be facilitated by an experienced group leader and participation guidelines will be provided. The group will function as a support group, not a therapy group.  At this time, it is intended that the group will meet monthly at UUCM on a day and time convenient for those wanting to participate and the group facilitator.

Please call Dick Kessler should you have interest in participating in this new group.