Religious Education Looking Forward – November 2015

Our 4th UU Principle, A free and responsible search for truth and meaning, is at the heart of Religious Education in our UUCM program. In that search our kids are exploring the other principles as well.  This month is full of opportunity.

Our Pre-K through 5th grades will start off the holiday season with our traditional Dia de los Muertos celebration on November 1st Children’s Chapel, led by RoseAnn Murray and Rev. Judy Tomlinson. It will be followed by crafts and memorializing of our family, friends and pets past.  Children should feel free to bring pictures with them.

This month our Pre-K classroom will be recognizing that what we do matters. They will consider rain and the moon and the gifts Native Americans brought to us.  Our K/1st graders will explore how words matter and how ritual plays a part in our lives.  Our 2nd/3rd grades will look closer at the 2nd UU Principle in lessons on love and compassion.  The 4th and 5th grades in the Sing to the Power curriculum will consider the power of both silence and listening closely tied to the 5th principle and the democratic process.

Our Neighboring Faiths/6th and 7th grade, will take field trips to a Catholic Mass and the Jewish celebration of Sukkot and will be looking at our UU values.  Our 8th graders continue to discuss their place in this world and our Coming of Agers will be traveling to Boston for the UU Heritage trip, exploring our UUA headquarters, Walden Pond and the Arlington Street Church all historic landmarks in our history.

And then, comes Thanksgiving and the Youth Facilitated Service. Our children in Kindergarten through 5th grade will be encouraged to be helpers in the service including greeters, taking the offering and lighting the chalice.  Parents should look for the sign up for this opportunity coming around in the next weeks.

For Your Calendars

Nov 1st  – Dia de los Muertos, Children’s Chapel

Nov 6-8th  –  Coming of Age class on field trip to Boston

Nov15th  – Teaching Team meeting

Nov 22nd  – Youth Facilitated Service

Nov 29th  – ONE SERVICE 10 AM, Nursery Only

Dec 6th – Holiday Craft Fair

Dec 13th – ONE SERVICE – Holiday Pageant

See you Sunday!
Judith A. Stein-Farrall
Religious Education Program Coordinator