Death Metal Angola

Join us for a screening of the award-winning new documentary, Death Metal Angola, on Friday, December 13th, at 7:30 PM in our Sanctuary. Hailed by the NY Times, TIME, Huffington Post, and Wall Street Journal as “one to watch” this year, the film is co-produced by Amanda Burr (who grew up at UUCM and is Carolyn Burr’s daughter) who will be here with the film’s director, Jeremy Xido. Death Metal Angola introduces you to Sonia Ferreira, a survivor of 27 years of war in Angola, mother to 55 war orphans, and lover of rock music. She runs the Okutiuka Center on a shoestring – providing home, family, education and love to the most vulnerable members of society.  Death Metal Angola tells her story as she and her partner, the musician Wilker Flores, mount the first ever national rock concert and expose her kids to the positive power of music. Jeremy and Amanda are raising funds for the DMA Resilience Tour, a series of screenings and concerts in towns hit hard by economic and natural disaster across the U.S. The film will jumpstart conversations about resilience and strategies for bouncing back from the brink! A reception will be held in Fletcher Hall after the film. Please contact Amanda Burr for more information.