Cards for the Incarcerated

From UUCM Member Judith Rew

The Church of the Larger Fellowship, which is the UUA’s on-line, virtual  congregation, sponsors a project called the Worthy Now Prison Ministry. This allows incarcerated individuals to join a UU congregation and for that receive printed materials in the form of a newsletter and self-taught class materials on a range of subjects relating to our faith. At present there are well over 1,000 members, all over the country, including a number of people who have been released and remain active UUs.

One of the most important aspects of this ministry is a Pen Pal program. Individual UUs (like me) apply to be a Pen Pal and are assigned one (or more if one has the time). I currently correspond with a man in prison in Texas. 

We also prepare greeting cards around the December holidays, to send to every member. These cards are collected by pen pals like me in our congregations and/or among our friends and family, filled out with a simple greeting, sealed, stamped, and sent to the UUA office to be distributed. Once again I will be collecting cards during Coffee and Connection hour during the month of November for as many weeks as it takes to get all the cards I buy filled out and stamped. Please stop by to sign a card with a little message and learn about the project. I’m happy to share any information I have about becoming a pen pal as well. 

I don’t ask for money for this project but I wouldn’t mind the contribution of a few stamps.

As a “bonus” I am going to add to the table a little display of the cards my inmate pen pen has designed himself, as he is a very fine artist. I think you’ll enjoy it and I know he will appreciate sharing his gifts with you. 

Questions? Call me: Judith Rew, 973-495-2653