The Social Justice Coalition needs YOU

The Social Justice Coalition needs YOU on Friday, November 9th at 12:30pm at the Federal Immigration Court, 97 Broad St, Newark, for a UU Faith Action directed rally in support of Jorge Chajon, who may be facing a final immigrant detention hearing.  Jorge, a 17-month detainee who came to the US as a 13 year-old from Guatemala to follow his parents, was granted DACA status by the previous administration and has no criminal record.  He has a US citizen wife, a 2 year-old and 10 month-old child he has never visited outside of detention center visits.

On Friday, November 9th, our goal is to stand in solidarity with Jorge and his family, and to create a media event that can dramatize the ongoing plight of many others here in NJ and across the US.  With our coalition partners, we will unfurl a large banner made up of some of the 2500+ petitions and some of us will sit in on the hearing to show our support to the judge and staff for Jorge’s case.  The UUCM has committed to send at least 5 members to this action.  Will you step up and help us fulfill our promise to our allies? Please RSVP to