Slides for Worship, from Rev. Anya: 

Many have noticed the new slides we are using for worship. Your Worship Staff Team is experimenting with a few new formats with the dual intention of making the worship experience accessible (for newcomers and individuals with different learning styles,) and lively (with images express the beauty of our congregational life.) 
We have heard reflections form some noting that they prefer it when the hymn slides include the music as well as the words. Most Unitarian Universalist congregations that project hymns, choose to include solely the words. Our worship staff wondered if this format might serve us better, making the words more prominent – making it easier for more people to see and sing. We will continue to experiment with this style for at least one more week. Please let us know what you think. If you care about this, either way, direct your notes to Music Director, Markus Grae-Hauck