President’s Message – October 2013

The U is back in action!  I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that, after a quiet summer, I’m really excited about this year.  On September 8th, from the Water Communion service to this year’s Homecoming High Coffee, I felt a lot of positive energy among the membership.  We are emerging from a dark economic period on more secure financial footing and that gives me hope.  We have a lot of activity and plans led by a significant number of our members, both individually and as part of congregation committees.

We already hit the ground running, thanks to Jason Brome, our resident tech genius.  We introduced our Amazon Associates program on September 8th, which will net the congregation 4% or more of each purchase made when you access Amazon through a special link (please go to the UUCM website for the link).  The UUCM Marketplace is also showcasing the talented artists in our congregation who want to sell their jewelry and other wares during Coffee and Connection Hour.  Laurice Farrell, one of our newest members, has focused her not insubstantial talents on enhancing our Facebook visibility, and the results have been remarkable.

In the larger context, we will focus on what we started last year, strengthening the congregation council as a focal point in the congregation.  We will focus on environmental issues, led by the Green Sanctuary committee.  Also, partnering with Rev. Judy Tomlinsonand the Membership Committee, we will be developing a more intentional path to membership, which will strengthen the commitment of our members over the long term. As we did last year, we will start planning now for the coming Pledge campaign, an effort which will be led this year by Mark and Nancy Felix.

So you can see why I’m so jazzed about this year.  In the final year of my presidency, I feel more connected to each of you now than I ever have.  Getting to know and work with so many of you has been the highest privilege, and I am looking forward to this year with pride and also the knowledge that this experience will always be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  And this year will be better than ever!

Teresa DeSousa
President, Board of Trustees