President’s Message – September 2012

Well, I must say that this summer was much better than last summer. You may recall that your fearless leader was wrapped in a cast from elbow to fingers due to a wrist injury and subsequent surgery. This summer has been a lot more fun – early morning trips to the beach, tennis les- sons, spending time at my sister’s house in the pool, sum- mer movies (which are the best), and oh yes, reading. Lots and lots of reading. I just returned from vacation in Maine, which cleared the cobwebs and restored some equilibrium.

We are coming off a good but challenging year. The budget process has been daunting, but the church year always ends with my favorite service, where we celebrate each other, welcome pillars to the congregation and say goodbye to old friends who are leaving. I always leave that service feeling so grateful and so proud of this com- munity I have grown to love.

The Board of Trustees will continue the work it began last year, and with three new members – Laura Kushner, Jerry Fried and Judith Rew. Laura is my neighbor and was in my new member class. I participated in the Harvest the Power program as a facilitator with Judith. And I have watched and admired Jerry as he fulfilled his duties as mayor of Montclair. I applaud each of them for their service to the congregation and the community and am thrilled to be working with them more closely as members of the Board.

Carol McGough, who was a Board member, has stepped up to the role of Board Secretary and I know she will perform her duties well. Thom Kennon has had to step down due to a conflict in schedules, and I thank him for his service and wish him well.

More challenges and opportunities await us this coming year. But for now – there are a few days of summer left. I’m still in summer mode. Sunshine, swimming and flip flops are still the order of the day. September is the best time for the beach.

I hope you soaked up the sun and enjoyed yourselves this summer!

Teresa DeSousa
President, Board of Trustees