Latest Gun Violence Prevention Update

Please contact Governor Christie to ask him to sign the bill S2723 into law. Last Thursday, Christie signed into law 10 of the gun violence prevention bills that passed the state legislature this past spring. That sounds good, but he conspicuously omitted the most important piece of gun violence legislation from this round of bill signing, Sweeney’s bill #2723. This bill was arguably the centerpiece of all the NJ gun violence prevention legislation: it contained the requirements for universal background checks for guns and ammunition bought in NJ, required firearm training for all registered gun users, put the ID on drivers licenses so that they could be more easily checked, established conditions for when those convicted of a crime would lose the right to have a firearm permit, etc. Thank Christie for signing the gun violence prevention legislation that he did sign (remember to use the term ‘gun violence prevention’ and not ‘gun control’.) Then urge him to sign this most important piece of GVP legislation which is the one that will make the most difference in actually reducing gun violence. The phone number to call is 609-292-6000 and the e-mail is

Thank you,
Francesca Elms
UULMNJ Liaison for Gun Violence Prevention