From the Board of Trustees

From Peter Arian, President, Board of Trustees

I am honored to be writing this message as the newly elected President of the UUCM Board of Trustees.  As I begin my new role,  I believe the biggest issue our Congregation faces is the path to reopening the UUCM building and grounds.  At this point in time, the Board has decided to keep the building and grounds closed for Congregational activities until at least August 31, 2020.  In the interim, we have created a Reopening Task Force consisting of experts in various disciplines that effect reopening.  This task force will be looking at the many complex issues involved and making a recommendation to the Board on how to move forward.  I envision some sort of upcoming Town Hall as part of that decisioning.

As many of you know, the congregation voted to change the structure of the Executive Committee, eliminating the Vice President  and adding 2 new officers, President-Elect and Past President.  I want to recognize that this means that Sue Raufer has graciously accepted to continue her service to UUCM as Past-President, however we have a mutual commitment that she try to limit her time and energy in this regard.  Also, some members have asked why Denise Rogers, who was Vice President, was not nominated for President.  This decision was made solely by Denise because she felt that she was not able to commit the time and energy required at this point in time. Had Denise been able to commit, I can’t think of a more able person to lead the Board.

I will be arranging to hold office hours at some point in the near future, but please know that I will always do my best to be available. My contact information is available in Realm.