Tech Matters

Tech matters. It brings the Beloved Community to life with Audio and Video. It helps our worship experience explode with soul shaking energy. It enables community members challenged with sight or hearing to experience more of what our congregation has to offer. When tech fails, we all feel it. The hymn slides don’t mirror the song. The sound doesn’t sound right. The video doesn’t play. 
Your staff, here at our congregation, is doing everything it can do to improve our tech experience but we can’t do this alone. We hear your frustrations. Help us to meet the goals that we all have for our beloved community. 
Do you have four hours to give a month to supporting the tech at our congregation? If you do, your help will remarkably improve the experience of all of our members and friends. We want to build a tech team of 10 members – so that no one feels an over abundance of the burden! 
Our Congregation is looking for folks to: 
– Run the video and sound at worship. (This can be really fun and exciting to do!) 
– Be on hand to support tech improvements – such as video access across our facility! 
– Creatively imagine a new tech future for our community
– Consider ways to make our facility, through tech, more accessible to those with differing abilities
Thank you for being the change you wish to see. 
Email Rev. Scott at or Markus Grae-Hauck at