Passport to Spirituality on Summer Sundays

From Lily Rappaport, Developmental Director of Family Ministries

 Stay connected at UUCM this summer! Beginning on June 23, 2019, UUCM offers one worship service at 10:00 AM. Summer Sundays are a great time to provide new opportunities for the exploration and expansion of our spiritual selves, for both children and adults

Our 2019 Summer RE Program will be “Passport to Spirituality.”  All-ages will be combined as we explore the spiritual practices of world religions. Each Sunday, we will imagine that we are traveling the world. At each country we visit, the children will receive a sticker for their passport, learn about a different religion, engage in a spiritual practice utilized by that religion, record their thoughts in their travel journals.

Here’s where you come in: we’re looking for special guests that would love to share their passion for their own spiritual practice with our children. If you regularly practice meditation, singing/dancing, art, or yoga as part of your spiritual life and would be willing to share your knowledge on a Sunday morning, please get in touch!

Also, if you are a traveler and have had adventures from abroad and/or distant places, please consider sharing them. We would love to learn of your spiritual adventures and learnings from magical places “down under,” on the Africa Safari, in the Amazon Rainforest, or about one of the wonders of our modern world.

Our UU faith lists, “wisdom from the world’s religions” as one of the sources of our living tradition. Please consider supporting the spirituality of our children in a variety of ways to enhance the learning and spiritual deepening in our community.  Come travel with us, share with us, dream with us, as we explore some of the spiritual practices of many of the world’s religions and the magical world around us. Thank you for your consideration, and for sharing your gifts of time and talent!

 LINK to sign up

Religious Education Schedule in June

June 2    Annual Meeting at 11:00 am: No RE classes, except for OWL

June 9    Last day of regular RE classes      

June 16  Flower Communion & last day for 2 services

June 23  Summer schedule begins (one service at 10 am)

June 30  One service at 10 am

Gratitude for our Amazing Volunteer Teaching Staff!

UUCM Teacher Appreciation Luncheon will be held on Sunday June 9 @ 12:45 PM. Please RSVP online by clicking on the link below: .