Music Weekend is Coming in August!

We are so excited to welcome Rev. Jason Shelton, award-winning UU composer/arranger/conductor/minister who will be leading us in a four-day program this August. Jason will guide us as we envision our goals for the music ministry at UUCM, including strategic planning and development.

There are a number of events planned, and we want to encourage EVERYONE to participate. Here is an overview:

  • Thursday, August 23 — Evening rehearsal with the UUCM Chalice Choir (a great opportunity for those ready or considering to join!)
  • Friday, August 24— Meetings with staff, clergy and other leadership during the day; evening workshop with the Strategic Planning group.
  • Saturday, August 25— Choral workshop from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM (with lunch provided), open to choirs throughout the area; public performance at 4:00 PM.
  • Sunday, August 26 — Jason will be leading our 10:00 AM worship service with special music by our choir.

Jason’s ministry starts with the premise that “what we sing is who we are.” Come, be a part of this amazing opportunity, and bring your voice to the conversation!

For more information, please contact Charles Loflin or any member of the Music Committee.