Youth Engagement with UUA Programs Around Our Region

Announcing Central East Region’s NEW summer immersion program River Rising for youth ages 13 to 18!

This program builds on the best of our former Goldmine program for a transformational experience for UU youth ages 13-18. Please encourage youth in your lives to check it out and sign up! At River Rising Youth will spend a week creating community and learning to care for that community spiritually, pastorally and physically. They will have conversations about how Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist values influence their own sense of purpose and work on articulating their own faith based values. We’ll approach leadership as a continual process of self reflection, group processing and practice work. And we’ll have a lot fun just hanging out and playing together!

The school is taught by pairs of youth and adult co-trainers. Youth co-trainers are former Goldmine students. A typical day at River Rising will consist of youth lead worships, silent reflection time, small group discussions, team based cooking projects, games and activities to teach leadership skills, and of course necessary free time.  

To attend River Rising youth should be entering grades 9-12 the following school year (having just graduated grades 8-11) or the equivalent home school age 13-18. Youth outside that range who wish to attend Goldmine should contact Evin Carvill-Ziemer,

Central PA July 28-August 3 or Schenectady NY August 18-August 24

Often you may see postings for UUA high school cons for youth grades 9 to 12: These  event is a social con for youth in grades 9-12. Social cons provide a safe space for UU youth to meet other youth and explore their religious identity. At cons, UU youth from different congregations come together for a weekend of worship, workshops, and fun! Registration and info at: our congregations Facebook page for how to register! 

 For Middle School Youth grades 6, 7, 8, the Central East Region holds Middle School CONS twice a year: once in the early autumn and once in the spring. Youth in 6th, 7th or 8th grades are spending 24 hours at a campsite with other Unitarian middle school youth from around the tri state area. Twice a year (early autumn and spring) the Metro NY region of the  UUA   hosts a 24 hour retreat or CON that is filled  with other regional UU middle school youth, games, sports, music and much more. It is a 24 hour program, packed with fun.  In addition to welcoming all UUCM middle school youth, some of our UUCM senior youth serve as conference leaders.  Follow our congregations Facebook page for how to register or email Anneleise! UUCM parent Anneliese Scherfen is our anchor to support middle school youth to learn more about UUA Jr Youth CONS and to help parents get questions answered.  Please contact her at  We will post the autumn 2019 date when it’s announced so stay tuned!