Sharing Our Riches

Planned Parenthood operates more than 700 health centers across the U.S., providing far more than birth control and family planning. Functioning for almost 100 years, PP offers clinical services including annual examinations (often the only medical care many women receive), pregnancy testing and counseling, HIV/AIDS/STD testing and counseling, emergency contraception, and emergency counseling. PP provides educational services to teens and adults in general health, sexual and reproductive health, relationship issues, and gender identity. Consistent with the compassionate values and determination of its founder, Margaret Sanger, PP has stood up for the health and reproductive rights of women, teens, and their families across the United States and now across the world. Our May SOR contributions will be directed to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey, operating clinics in Montclair, Newark, East Orange, and Paterson, to continue their clinical and educational services.