A Mystical Evening With Woven Green’s Soundscapes: A Sound Bath Healing Meditation

Join Woven Green for an intimate, soulful, and unique concert experience on SaturdayMay 26, from 7:00 in UUCM’s Sanctuary. Doors open at 6:30pm. This dynamic husband-wife duo will lead us in an extended spiritual journey known as a “Sound Bath.” Bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket for an hour of bliss (chairs will also be provided). Using sound as an intentionally activated energetic tool to elevate and realign meditators to a higher and more harmonious frequency, Woven Green will guide us on a journey that grounds and heals. Jim and Ashley Cash seamlessly weave the sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native flutes and drums, nature sounds, vocal toning, wind gong, and stringed instruments, creating textures of soothing melodies and harmonies and gentle rhythms that quickly envelop listeners in a healing sonic field. Woven Green Soundscapes are designed to guide listeners into theta brain wave states, which are proven to help reduce stress, awaken intuition, enhance creativity, and promote an overall expanded state of well-being. Listen to Woven Green and read their inspiring story at: www.wovengreenmusic.com. Cost is $10/person or $25/family for advance purchase. Tickets are available at  http://www.uumontclair.org/fundraising/. This is a family friendly event and childcare will be provided by emailing the children’s names, their ages, and special requirements (like diet, etc), to officemgr@uumontclair.org