News from the Board – April 2017

Our Ministerial search process is drawing to a close. Please reserve time on your calendars for Candidate Week, April 30 through May 7, when the final candidate will preach on Sunday, April 30, and spend the week visiting with various groups within the congregation.  The candidate will again preach on May 7, immediately after which there will be congregational meeting when we will vote on whether to call the candidate as our new settled minister.

There will be a second congregational meeting on May 21, which will be to conduct the regular meeting of the congregation, including voting on board members for the coming year. If you will be unable to attend either meeting, please be sure to set up a proxy to vote on your behalf and let your intentions be heard.

This is a very busy time and a pivotal moment in our congregation’s history as we prepare to bid Judy and Justin farewell and welcome a new  minister, all while we continue to conduct the essential business of the congregation. Let us all demonstrate how important our congregation is to our lives by welcoming our new minister to our community, and setting aside time to participate in the democratic process.

Steve Ramshur
Trustee-at-Large, Board of Trustees