Congregation Begins Ministerial Evaluation Process

From Hal Strelnick, on behalf of the Council on Ministries

​In coordination with the Board, the Council on Ministries has launched a process to evaluate our senior co-ministers. The evaluation is part of the Council’s responsibility to examine the effectiveness of our ministries overall. In addition, Revs. Anya and Scott Sammler-Michael have asked to receive formal feedback.

Over the summer, members of the Board and Council formed a Ministerial Evaluation Task Force. Its standing members are the Board President (Sue Raufer), the Board Vice President (Denise Rodgers) and the current and immediate past Chair of the Council on Ministries (Sarah Scalet and Nina Cooke John). The Task Force drafted an evaluation process and form based on documents from the UU Ministers Association, incorporating feedback from the senior co-ministers. 

During the fall, the Council finalized the evaluation form. The Likert-style evaluation questions were adjusted to better reflect the six ministries within UUCM and the unique coordination required by the co-ministry. In November 2019, the Board approved the process.

In February, the evaluation form will be distributed to all Board and Council on Ministries members, chairs of key standing committees, and additional, rotating evaluators identified by the senior co-ministers. Recognizing the sensitivity of the information, the Council will assemble the responses and synthesize the feedback. In the spring, the Ministerial Evaluation Task Force will meet with the co-ministers to provide their confidential feedback. Going forward, this will become an annual process.

For more information, contact Sarah Scalet, Chair of the Council on Ministries.