From our Board of Trustees

February is here and the annual pledge drive is underway. Pledging generously during the drive is an important way for you to play your part in the financial stewardship of our institution, helping to ensure our congregation will be here for generations to come. The pledge drive is a key pillar in the stewardship of UUCM, covering about 72% of the UUCM operating budget. With your help, this year we’d like to increase pledges to start moving into the 80% to 85% range, which the UUA cites as a sign of a financially healthy congregation. In the coming weeks, as you decide upon your pledge, realize that for over 100 years our UUCM predecessors stepped up as stewards of this beloved institution. Let us carry on that same tradition of stewardship for the generations of UU’s that will follow us. The Board invites your comments and questions via