Faith Development: The Next Generation – January 2019

From Lily Rappaport, Developmental Director of Family Ministries

Family Ministry is an approach to faith development that recognizes that faith development happens throughout our lives, and that parents, grandparents and caregivers are the primary religious educators for their children. A family ministry model will require a change in the congregation’s understanding of its role with respect to families, the role of parents in their children’s religious education, who worship is for, and what “inclusive” means throughout congregational life.  

Creating a shift in classroom programming, worship, parent roles and support, and the culture of the congregation, will require doing the discernment and clarifying the need for such a big change. This is a big congregational project and cannot succeed without intentional, congregation-wide support. As we learn how to better meet the expressed needs of UUCM families, we will continue to explore ways to do Sunday mornings differently. However, more intentional transitional work is needed to explore family needs and how best to meet them.

In January, we plan to create a Family Ministries Transition Team to work with the Ministers and Director of Family Ministries. Possible goals of this team may be to:

1) Create, facilitate and monitor the transition process;

2) Explain and interpret the process to the congregation; and

3) Promote and help create opportunities for the congregation to be engaged in the transitional work.

Congregational involvement is a significant part of the transition process. As our understanding of faith development expands into the whole congregation, we’ll continue to assess who is being served and which programming is genuinely meeting our needs.   

Important Dates in January

January 6, RE Classes resume                            

January 6, COA Meet your Mentor Pizza Party                     

January 12-13, High School Con at Shelter Rock                                                                 

January 27, RE Undoing Racism Day            

January 29, COA Parent Meeting