Two Ministers, One Ministry, One Ministry Role – January 2018

Two Ministers, One Ministry, One Ministry Role: Some Changes You May See in the New Year

From Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael, Senior Co-Minister

Rev. Scott and I are rarely referred to as “two peas in a pod,” but in the role of Minister to UUCM, that is an apt metaphor. We are two ministers sharing a single “pod,” a single ministry role, as UUCM has called us to serve one full time position. Throughout the first half of this congregational year, we have been working diligently to build relationships with visitors, members, community members, and staff. To facilitate this process with efficiency, we have chosen to attend many meetings and gatherings together. We are still working to build relationships – this process is a lasting part of any ministry – but we are nearing a tipping point that will exact a new manner of engagement. 

While we will continue to lead worship, most rites of passage, and many all-congregation events cooperatively and while it is necessary for us to continue to engage with the Board as a team, we need to begin to function more independently with committees, groups, and in outreach and justice efforts. The core of our calling is a deeply shared ministry, and we will never cease communicating with one another – but to extend our efforts appropriately to cover the widest breath of the congregations needs and activities – we will often need to be “in two places at once.” 

You can find our Communication and Accountability chart here:

Please feel welcome to reach out to us, to ask about this or pose other questions or conversations.  You are always welcome to email us both, though it is good to expect that one of us, rather than both of us, will return your query.