President’s Message – February 2013

Today was a great day for me as a member and leader of this congregation. This morning we had a special congregational meeting to adopt a revision to the by-laws. The first victory was that we had a quorum, which was challenging since we took the unusual step of holding the meeting between services. The second was that the congregation voted to adopt the revised by-laws, which allow the Nominating Committee to evolve into the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee. The members of this committee accepted the charge of identifying and inviting congregation members to assume leadership roles in all areas of the congregation, which is broader than the mission they originally signed up for. For that…we thank you.

After services we held a Congregation Council meeting. The Congregation Council is made up of chairs/facilitators of all committees/groups within the congregation. We discussed our vision of the council as the center of the interdependent web of the congregation, as we move forward in strengthening our infrastructure. We had some good discussion around that vision – everybody gets it.

Earlier in the year we held several workshops to give committees the tools to develop vision statements and covenants. I was gratified to see that many were far along in the process, and they will be sharing their vision statements with the congregation in the coming months.

I am so grateful to the people who give so much of their time and energy in service to the congregation. Our congregation is made up of a vibrant, engaged group of people who come together for one purpose: a simple but profound desire to do good. Making sure we are a healthy congregation allows us to meet that purpose. This is one of those special days when I feel particularly proud to be in your company.

Teresa DeSousa
President, Board of Trustees