March 2022 Soul Matters for Family Ministries:

March 2022 Soul Matters for Family Ministries:

The theme for March is Renewing Faith! 

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Unitarian Universalist:

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For Fun and On the Fringe:

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Introduce It!

(Wonder Box)

Our Gifts

Reflection Object: a small, wrapped present

Suggested Script

“The theme this month is renewing faith. In this session we explore how we can renew faith in ourselves by trusting our gifts. Each person has gifts inside of themselves (hold up the wrapped present.)  If this were the box which held the gifts of you, what would be inside?  Do you have the gift of making people laugh?  Of being a good listener? Of being kind or working hard? Of understanding others? Of being very strong or being able to figure things out?  These are gifts which you can trust because they are in you. They enable you to renew faith in yourself. They remind you that you can rely on yourself in challenging times.

Our religion reminds us that we have inherent worth. Part of what this means is that we have the strength and gifts within us to help others and help ourselves.

So when it comes to renewing faith, our faith clearly tells us, “Practice trusting our gifts.”  Are you ready?! Let’s begin!”