On That Note : Salvation

On That Note : Salvation

What comes to mind when you hear “salvation”? The first definition for that word on merriam-webster.com is “deliverance from the power and effects of sin.” Fundamentalist Christians believe this to be an all-or-nothing proposition: either you believe that Christ saved you through his death on the cross – or you’ll go to hell.

The etymology of the Latin root salvus, though, points to a less apocalyptic view. Aside from “safe/saved,” salvus can also mean “well, healthy, wholesome.” The English word “salve” means to soothe, or heal.

So when we hear someone talk about “the saving power of Unitarian Universalism,” let’s consider that they might be speaking not (or not only) about rescuing our society from approaching doomsday, but about the healing (or put another way, journey towards wholeness) people can find in our faith. As our ministers say each week in our worship services when introducing the prayer: “Let us hear one another to heal one another.”

Markus Grae-Hauck, Director of Music Ministries

Here are some musical selections related to Healing, which is our theme for November: